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Vacation Options for Travellers With Pets

Pet-friendly Since we're a pet travel website, we hear from a lot of people who vacation with their dogs (... and sometimes cats and caged pets too!). Most people are accustomed to staying in hotels or motels, but did you know that there are several other options too - pet-friendly, of course! The diversity of lodging provides options for pet owners who may have something special in mind. For example, here are a few accommodation options available to travelers with pets.


Hotel rooms range from a basic place to sleep, to an ultra-luxurious experience.

The Pros

  • There is a general idea of what you can expect from a hotel;
  • You can come and go as you please;
  • The front desk or concierge can help with dining suggestions, what to do in the area, etc.

The Cons

  • Lots of guests in close quarters, making it unsuitable for dogs that bark;
  • Many hotels will not allow pets to remain unattended in rooms, even if kenneled (again, to prevent stressed-out dogs from barking);
  • Guests may not have easy access to the outdoors for their pets - they may need to take an elevator or walk through corridors to get outside.


Most are budget-friendly and offer a convenient place to rest.

The Pros

  • An affordable option for the budget-conscious;
  • Drive-up units often available that offer easy access to the outdoors;
  • Pet fees are sometimes lower than with other types of accommodation.

The Cons

  • Often located close to major roads, which can not only be noisy, but make it inconvenient for walking dogs;
  • Lots of guests in close quarters, making it unsuitable for dogs that bark.

Bed & Breakfasts (B&Bs)

B&Bs are as unique as the hosts. There's a wide variety of styles and price ranges - and not just for rooms, but also for breakfasts! Breakfasts range from a simple continental-style breakfast, a self-serve buffet, or a full, sit-down hot gourmet breakfast and everything in between.

The Pros

  • Intimate, more personal setting;
  • Breakfast included;
  • Opportunity to meet and interact with your hosts and other guests;
  • Some B&Bs may offer to watch your pets for a short time while you are out;
  • Some B&Bs have resident pets for your own pets to make friends and socialize with.

The Cons

  • Close quarters with your hosts and other guests, making good etiquette a necessity, which makes it unsuitable for pets who bark, beg for food, or who are boisterous or nervous around strangers or unknown pets (other guests may also have pets, or your hosts might as well);
  • Pets may need to be kennelled in the room during breakfast;
  • Some places may require guests to always have their pets with them, so as not to disturb other guests (eg. pets cannot be left unattended in rooms);
  • Because the B&B is someone's home, some guests may not feel comfortable coming in late.

For people who travel with their horse(s): some B&Bs now offer "Bale & Breakfast" or "Bed & Bale" options!

Family resorts

There are many, many types of family resorts. They frequently consist of a number of cabins, cottages, or other types of units located on the same property, sometimes by a lake. Accommodations range from the very basic to the luxurious.

The Pros

  • Family-friendly place where both children and dogs can be included;
  • Other people to meet and socialize with;
  • Often located in areas where there are a variety of things to entertain the kids, while parents and pets can relax and watch over them;
  • Some resorts have supervised childrens' activities, giving parents time for themselves and their pets.

The Cons

  • Can be very busy, especially in the summer - not appropriate for dogs who are nervous in crowds or with strangers, with noise, or around children;
  • Some family resorts do not permit pets during the busy summer months due to the potential for issues between children and dogs.

Private vacation rentals, cottages, cabins, or homes

Private vacation rentals are each unique. They may be located in an urban setting or out in the country; in a residential neighbourhood, in the forest, or by the water; they can be cozy little cabins, luxurious homes, and anything in between.

The Pros

  • More privacy - often there is only one property available for rent;
  • More space, perhaps even a yard for both the people and the dogs to stretch out;
  • Usually outfitted with a kitchen so that you can save money by bringing your own groceries;
  • Can be cheaper for couples or groups traveling together (rather than booking several hotel rooms);
  • Completely unique experience - the home and the setting won't be 'cookie-cutter'.

The Cons

  • No services such as daily housekeeping or concierge (although some rentals will offer this for an additional fee);
  • There is no 'service standard' or consistency between rentals because each property is unique.

Choosing an Accommodation

Because pet policies vary and can change from year to year, always check with your lodging to ensure they still permit pets and to verify their policies and restrictions. This is especially important if you plan to bring a pet other than a dog: many accommodations that accept dogs won't necessarily allow cats, rabbits, birds, or types of pets. Ask about any applicable pet fees, rules or restrictions so that you know what to expect when you arrive with your pet in tow. Many properties also offer special pet amenities. Browse our directory of pet-friendly accommodations to find that special place to vacation with your pet.

"A well-trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch. He will just make you feel so guilty that you cannot enjoy it." (Helen Thomson)

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