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Questions to Ask When You Travel With a Pet

Pet Policies Although more and more accommodations are starting to permit pets, they vary widely in their degree of 'pet-friendliness'. Take a few moments to find out the details of their pet policies before you book, so that you can avoid surprises when you arrive! Some questions you may wish to ask include:

  • Are there additional fees?
    Although a few accommodations do not charge extra for pets, most will charge a one-time cleaning fee per stay, or a fee per pet, per night.

  • What types, size, and maximum number of pets are accepted?
    Accommodations that allow dogs may not necessarily allow other pets, including cats. Others permit pets under a certain size and may restrict the number of pets per room.

  • Are there resident pets?
    Smaller accommodations such as Bed & Breakfasts or cottage resorts often have resident pets that sometimes mingle with guests. Guest and resident pets should be able to coexist peacefully.

  • What other rules or restrictions apply to pets?
    For instance, an accommodation may request that pets stay off the furniture and out of certain areas such as picnic grounds or beaches. Many will not permit pets to be left unattended in rooms, even for short periods of time (in these cases, ask the front desk if they have a list of local doggy daycares or pet-sitters). By respecting the rules and the other guests, travelers with pets can help ensure that pets continue to be welcomed.

  • What type of rooms are available to pet owners?
    Some accommodations set aside a limited number of "pet-friendly" rooms. If there is something you prefer, such as a non-smoking room or a room with a jacuzzi tub, be sure to ask if they are available to guests with pets. "Pet rooms" are often on the main floor with easy access to the outdoors.

  • What other services are available for pets?
    Some lodgings may offer food and water bowls, waste bags, a grassy area where dogs may be walked, pet-sitting or dog-walking services, a list of nearby dog parks, or a welcome basket with a pet toy and goodies.

Travelers with pets are advised to book accommodations in advance to ensure availability of pet-friendly rooms.

Visit for accommodations from across Canada that allow pets. Also see the article, Good Travel Etiquette Is Important for Pets, Too.




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