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Caring For Your Pet

Happy dogs As every pet lover will tell you, there's more to caring for your pet dog, cat, or other animal companion than putting out a bowl of food & water and providing bathroom breaks. Here are a few popular tips about how to include our furry friends in family activities, strengthen the bonds between people & their pets, and keep our pets as healthy and happy as they can be!

Popular Articles

How to Help Pets in Shelters and Rescues
10 Great Ways to Help Shelter Pets
Many of us animal lovers want to do something to help homeless pets. Making a monetary donation is always appreciated by pet shelters and rescue groups, but money isn't the only way to help. Here are a few ways you can help brighten the lives of the pets still waiting for their fur-ever families.

Food Games You Can Play With Your Dog
5 Fun Food Games You Can Play With Dogs Of Any Age
Most dogs love to eat. Most also love to use their noses. Why not combine the two into a game? Here are a few easy but fun food games you can play with your dog. You might be surprised at how much it can tire them out!

Saving money on pet expenses
How To Save Money On Your Pets - 10 Ways to Lower Pet Expenses
We love our pets, but we can probably all agree that taking good care of them costs money... sometimes, lots of it! Keeping them healthy, happy, and comfortable can feel like a never-ending, furry money-pit at times. Here are a few ways to save on pet expenses, from food bills to pet supplies to medical costs.

Causes of Housebreaking Accidents by Pets
Common Causes of Housebreaking Accidents
Have you ever been caught by surprise one day when your reliably housetrained pet suddenly has an accident? Pets don't do it to "be bad" or to "get revenge" on us for something we did (or didn't do); there is generally an underlying cause for the accident. Here are some common reasons why dogs or cats may start to have accidents in the house.


Inappetence in Dogs
Inappetence In Dogs - What To Do When Your Dog Won't Eat
It's hard to know what to do when your dog stops eating. A loss of appetite in dogs can be worrisome and frustrating at the same time. Do you take a wait-and-see approach, or run the dog in to see the veterinarian? Here are some tips on how figure out if the problem is more likely behavioral or medical, and what to do to get your dog to start eating again.

How to find a missing pet
What To Do If Your Pet Goes Missing
None of us ever plan to lose our pets. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, pets go missing. Knowing where to start looking for help can speed up the happy reunion.

What to do if you find a lost pet
What To Do If You Find a Lost or Stray Pet
At some point or another, many of us have seen scared, lonely, hungry, or sick pets who appear to be lost, abandoned, or homeless. Here are a few tips on what to do next if you find yourself in the position of playing temporary caretaker to a lost or stray pet.

Embarassing Pet Stories
Embarrassing Pet Stories - Cringe-Worthy Tales
All of us pet owners know that embarrassing situations are a part of having a pet. Here are some of the many stories we've heard from other pet owners. Get ready to laugh (and maybe cringe, just a little...)!


Signs of Pain in Pets
Is Your Pet in Pain? Signs to Watch For
Our pets are so good at hiding pain that it becomes our job as their people to look for the subtle signs and clues that may indicate pain. Here are some things to watch for.

How to Help a Pet with Arthritis
How to Help Arthritic Pets
Arthritis is a painful joint disease that can impact the quality of our pets' lives and their overall well-being. It's more common in older pets but can occur in pets of any age. Fortunately, they don't have to suffer in silence; there are several things we can do to help manage the pain of arthritis in pets and help them maintain their mobility.

How to Help Aging and Senior Pets
7 Practical Ways to Help Aging and Senior Pets
The often subtle changes in aging pets can creep up so gradually that many of us don't consciously notice. Then, one day, we happen to look at our furry friend and see a graying, grizzled muzzle... or realize that our active pet is moving a little slower. Here are a few things we can do to help our pets age more gracefully and enjoy their senior years.

Pet Travel Checklist
Pet Travel Checklist
A travel checklist to help you pack all necessary items when you travel with your pet.

Frozen Pet Treats
Frozen Pet Treats for Hot Summer Days
Summer temperatures can be scorching - and our dogs can use a nice cool treat just as much as we can! Fortunately, making a few frozen homemade dog treats isn't that hard. Here are a few easy ways to keep your dog cool this summer.




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