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Trip Tips: Existing in Harmony - Your Pet, Resident Pets, and Other Guest Pets

Pets making friends Where one pet goes, more are sure to follow. Sometimes a pet-friendly accommodation won't just be hosting your pet; other guests may bring theirs as well, not to mention that there may be resident pets ready to greet all newcomers.

Just like it is with people, there's always the possibility of conflict between pets. In all our travels, it's been extremely rare - but to allow everyone to enjoy their holidays in peace, here are a few guidelines:

  • If your pet doesn't like other animals
    ... then the best choice would be to stay at a lodging that does not have resident pets -- or at least, where resident pets don't interact with guests.

    If in doubt, ask the host. Many owners and property managers who have pets of their own are very understanding, and will try to accommodate you if they can.

  • Ask permission for an introduction.
    Although your dog happily greets others, some pets just aren't comfortable meeting new animals.

  • Watch body language
    - for pets and their people. For instance: let's say you're staying at a cottage resort where dogs are allowed to run off-leash. You're moseying along with your pooch, when you see another dog-walker approaching. That person immediately puts his dog back on-leash when he spots you, then has his dog heel at his side. That's a pretty good indication that your own dog should be leashed until you are safely past.

    Short of asking the pet owner, it's hard to know why some pets don't interact with others. Maybe the other dog has had a bad experience with other animals... or perhaps he's older and is unwilling or unable to engage in enthusiastic or rough play. Take your cues from both the pets and their humans.

  • Supervise, supervise, supervise.
    Keep a watchful eye out for any disagreements that may occur. By all means, if your pets all love one another, let them play and enjoy themselves!




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