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Dog-Friendly vs Pet-Friendly

Dogs are by far the most popular type of pets that people take with them when traveling, so it's no surprise that most pet-friendly accommodations can be more accurately described as dog-friendly. Some lodgings are proud to be able to offer a location that's close to dog-friendly walking paths, trails, green spaces, and sometimes even leash-free dog parks or beaches.

It's becoming more common for cats and other types of pets to accompany their families as well. We've had reports of travelers with caged pets like birds, gerbils/hamsters, even ferrets; a hotel which reported a guest who brought a mini-pig; and there are even accommodations in the countryside which provide "bed & bale" to families traveling with a horse!

Dog friendly travel in Canada Pet policies change from time to time as well. It's wise to always mention your pet when you book a reservation. In particular:

  • Verify directly with the hotel that larger dogs are welcome, as some places have size restrictions);
  • Guests traveling with multiple pets should confirm that the property can accommodate all of them;
  • Travelers with a pet other than a dog should speak with the reservation desk to ensure that their pet will be welcome;
  • Be aware that most properties charge a pet fee.

The pet-friendly travel universe has been gradually becoming more inclusive to various types of pets, as people recognize that pets are part of the family, too. Happy travels!

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