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Holiday Season Safety Tips for Traveling Pets

Looking to enjoy some pampering this holiday season? Fortunately, many types of accommodations accept pets so that you don't have to choose between taking a much-needed break away from home, and leaving the pooch behind. Here are a few holiday safety tips for people traveling with pets:

  • Pack adequately for your pet. Make sure you have everything you need to keep your pet happy and healthy while away from home.

  • Keep a watchful eye on your pet around holiday decorations.
    Although you might have "pet-proofed" your own home, your holiday accommodations may not do so. Some things to watch for include:

    • Holiday decorations
      such as ribbons, tinsel, decorative balls, and so forth can cause harm if swallowed. If you're presenting your pet with a gift, remove the ribbon first.

    • The Christmas tree
      - prevent your pet from drinking the water around the base of the tree or from munching on the needles from the tree. Supervise him to ensure he doesn't inadvertantly (or purposefully!) knock over the tree in his enthusiasm.

    • Holiday plants
      such as holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia can be poisonous to pets.

  • Supervise your pet at holiday gatherings and special events.
    The noise, unfamiliar surroundings, strangers (including Santa!), and other commotion may be confusing or even frightening to your pet. Make sure your pet is wearing identification.

  • Monitor your pet's diet.
    Holiday food tends to be rich and fatty. It can cause stomach upset in your pet or even more serious conditions. If you can't resist sharing, limit the amount you give your pet or try to offer healthier alternatives. Watch to make sure your pet doesn't decide to snack on food-soaked strings, plastic wrap, tinfoil, or any other items left out. Be watchful also for other pet-loving guests who may find it hard to resist a furry face expectantly waiting for a handout.

  • Make accommodations arrangements as early as possible to avoid disappointment
    - and confirm their pet policy. Pet policies may change during the holiday season, due to the number of other guests or occurrence of special events.

The holidays just wouldn't be complete if without our pets! Have a safe and happy holiday season.




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