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Trip Tips: Identification for Traveling Pets

Pet Travel ID No loving family ever intends to lose their pet while traveling. Unfortunately, accidents can happen - and pets that are wearing appropriate identification have a better chance of being reunited with their owners quickly and safely. Here are a few tips on preparing your pet for a trip:

  • Make sure your pet is wearing ID at all times.
    As a minimum, dogs and cats should wear collars with ID tags. A tattoo or microchip is also recommended as a permanent way to identify your pet. Keep records of your pet's identification for reference.

  • Register your pet with a centralized pet recovery system.
    This can increase the chances that you and your pet are quickly reunited. One such system is 24PetWatch.

  • Carry a recent photo
    - it will help tremendously if you need to describe or identify your pet, plus the picture can be photocopied or faxed as needed.

  • Make a list of unique or identifying marks.
    Does your dog have a small scar on the front of his right hind paw? Does your cat have heart-shaped white mark on her chest? When confronted with several physically similar animals in a shelter, these unique markings can help you make a faster, positive identification of your pet.

    Note: unfortunately, there are numerous scams involving lost pets. If your pet gets lost, only provide the most basic description. Do NOT provide this list of identifying marks. Instead, if someone calls claiming to have your pet, ask him or her to describe the pet to you (be sure not to ask 'leading questions' that could provide the caller with hints).

  • Keep your contact information up-to-date.
    If you have moved since you tattooed, microchipped, or otherwise registered your pet, contact the appropriate agencies with your current address and phone number.

    While traveling with a pet, attach temporary contact information to his or her license tag. A phone number where you can be reached while on holidays will help to bring your pet back home to you as soon as possible.




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