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Alberta Dog Parks, Dog-Friendly Trails, Beaches and Off-Leash Areas

Alberta is home to the spectacular Rockies and an abundance of natural areas that are perfect for exploring with your dog. Dog parks in Alberta can be found throughout the province - some require dogs to be leashed, others are leash-free, but in all cases, dogs must be under the owner's supervision and control.

Please be sure to always pick up after your dog, dispose of the bag appropriately, and show good dog park etiquette at all times.

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This list is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed to be so. Park regulations may change from time to time.

Dog Parks & Beaches in Alberta

  • Banff Dog Park      [Pet-friendly hotels in Banff]
    • Banff Off-Leash Dog Park - Hawk Avenue, south side near the Industrial District entrance
      Fully fenced; 1.5 acres; park may be closed during times when wildlife is most active.

  • Calgary Dog Parks      [Pet-friendly hotels in Calgary]
    - List of off-leash areas from the City of Calgary (150 in total). Some of the most popular include:

  • Canmore Dog Parks      [Pet-friendly hotels in Canmore]

    - Town of Canmore Off-Leash Parks
    • Quarry Lake Park Off-Leash Dog Area - 1723 Bow Valley Trail
    • Cougar Creek / Bow Valley Trail Dog Park - Highway 1A
    • Elk Run Dog Park - Glacier Drive beside the Elk Run Ball Diamonds

  • Cochrane Dog Parks      [Pet-friendly hotels in Cochrane]
    - Off-Leash Dog Areas:
    • Cochrane Off-Leash Area #1 - south end of River Avenue and the east end of Griffin Road.
      Off-leash area is located across from the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre, and is alongside the river. Parking available across from the SLS Sport Centre, at the south end of River Avenue.

    • Cochrane Off-Leash Area #2 - Under the Bow River bridge, just west of Highway 22
      Parking at the boat launch by Griffin Road, west of Highway 22. Walk west under the bridge to get to the off-leash area (keep dogs leashed until you get there).

  • Edmonton Dog Parks      [Pet-friendly hotels in Edmonton]
    - The City of Edmonton off-leash park sites (Parks for Paws). There are more than 40 off-leash sites in total (see link for complete list); some of the most popular include:
    • Terwillegar Park - 10 Rabbit Hill Road NW
      Several kilometres of trails; treed; river access (watch for strong currents!); multi-use area; parking lot can sometimes be crowded.

    • Callingwood Park - 17740 69 Avenue
      Off-leash area is the bush area; the shale walkway is on-leash only.

    • Buena Vista Great Meadow - 13210 Buena Vista Road NW
      Treed paths and open areas through the river valley; boundaries of the off-leash area are under review at the time of writing.
      From Pam O. - "One of the best dog parks in Edmonton is the Buena Vista - Great Meadow dog park. Just drive to the Edmonton Zoo, and instead of turning right to park in the zoo parking lot, turn left to park at the off-leash dog park. Miles of trails, fields and parts along the river for swimming dogs. Another popular place for dog people."

    • Belgravia Dog Park - 7111 Saskatchewan Drive NW
      Off-leash area boundaries: Saskatchewan Drive, top of bank from University Ave. south to the west side of tree stand across from the intersection at 202 Saskatchewan Drive south. Nice views, benches.

    • Patricia Ravine Off-Leash Area - 163 Street & 78 Avenue (across the street from the school park)
      Dogs allowed off-leash on the lowest hiking trail between Patricia Heights, Rio Terrace and Westridge from Whitemud Dr. to the river. Lots of trees, hills & valleys.

    • Hermitage Park Off-Leash Area - 2115 Hermitage Road NW
      Beautiful natural hiking trails; off-leash area located on the north side of the park; river access (watch for strong currents). Multi-use area.

    • Capilano Park Off-Leash Area - 10810 54 Street
      Dogs allowed off-leash on the lower gravel trail only (along the river), east to Hardisty Drive and 56 Street.

    • Gold Bar Hiking Trail Off-Leash Area - 10955 50 Street NW
      Located on the south bank of the North Saskatchewan River; off-leash area is the lower gravel trail that runs along the river and extends to the Rundle footbridge (excluding the shelter and picnic areas).

    • Dawson Park Off-Leash Area - 10298 89 Street
      Located on the north bank of the North Saskatchewan River. Dogs allowed off-leash in Dawson Park and on the granular trail on the north side of Dawson Bridge to Capilano Bridge to 50 Street. Dogs must be leashed when crossing bridges.

    • Jackie Parker Off Leash Site - 4540 50 Street NW
      Dogs allowed off-leash in the designated area southwest of the picnic sites. Does not include golf course. Leashed dogs only, on the paths, in all other parts of the park.


  • Grande Prairie Dog Park      [Pet-friendly hotels in Grande Prairie]

  • Jasper National Park      [Pet-friendly hotels in Jasper]
    For their own safety (and the safety of wildlife), dogs must always be leashed within Jasper National Park except in designated off-leash areas.
    • Jasper Off-Leash Area - Highway 93A and Sleepy Hollow Road
      Open dawn to dusk; can accessed on foot from downtown using the pedestrian underpass at the end of Hazel Avenue.

    • From Melody E. - "Jasper has an off leash dog park within the townsite. It is a small park on the corner of Elm Avenue and Pyramid Lake Road."

    • From George K. - dog park located at Bonhomme and Elm in Jasper. Facilities: fenced, dog bags.

  • Kananaskis Country      [Pet-friendly hotels in Kananaskis Village]
    Dogs must be leashed throughout Kananaskis Country for their own protection, as well as the protection of wildlife in the area.

  • Lethbridge Dog Parks      [Pet-friendly hotels in Lethbridge]
    City of Lethbridge off-leash dog parks:
    • South Side Off-Leash Dog Park - west of Scenic Drive and 11 Avenue South

    • North Side Off-Leash Dog Park - located in Peenaquim Park, just north of the access road
      Small, fenced off-leash training area available.

    • West Side Off-Leash Dog Park - located in Popson Park between the boat launch and the picnic shelter.

  • Leduc Dog Parks      [Pet-friendly hotels in Leduc]
    • K9 Off-Leash Dog Park
      From Kathy N. - "The Leduc Off-Leash Dog Park is located at William F. Lede Park north of Leduc Recreation Centre. It has 40 acres of mixed parkland, fully chain link fenced, dog bags are supplied, and there are trails through forest and wetlands. Adjacent to sports fields, rec centre and Telford Lake parkland. Numerous paved trails just outside fence. Gravel lot. This park is very popular with Leduc residents. Many visitors drive from Edmonton because it is fenced. The city does a fantastic job of maintaining the park by cutting grass in cleared poop areas and laying wood chip mulch on muddier pathways. It is a busy park year-round but with so much space, you can be a sociable as you like."

    • Barclay Off-Leash Park
      From Kathy N. - "Leduc also has a second dog park located in Nisku. It is called Barclay off-leash dog park and is located on a storm pond."

  • Red Deer Dog Parks      [Pet-friendly hotels in Red Deer]

    • Oxbows Off Leash Dog Park - 19 Street & 40 Avenue
      16 hectares; winding trails through diverse terrain; agility park; small dogs area.
      From Cheryl - "The Oxbow's is located at the south end of of 40th Avenue, just inside city limits. Dog bags, fenced, no water source, agility area."

    • Three Mile Bend Recreation Area - Off Leash Park - North Bank Trail
      55 hectare natural area; multi-use area.
      From Pam O. - "There is a Red Deer off-leash dog park called Three Mile Bend located on Riverside Drive North. It is a huge place, some parts along the river, very popular with dog people."

  • St. Albert Dog Park
    The City of St. Albert has two dog-friendly parks as well as several off-leash areas (including outdoor rinks) which are available for dogs when not in use for organized sporting activities that have been scheduled and authorized by the City. See the link for details.
    • Lacombe Lake Dog Park - 151R McKenney Avenue
      From Ardythe H. - "The Lacombe Lake Dog Park has a swimming area, dog bags, trail system, is partly fenced, and has picnic tables."

    • Dodger Dog-Friendly Park - 400 Campbell Road (North Side)
      Fencing and plantings used as barriers; off-leash area is a dry storm pond in Campbell Business Park; offers benches, picnic tables, dog bag dispensers, and garbage cans.

  • Stony Plain Dog Park
    • Umbach Off-leash Dog Park - 969 Boulder Boulevard in the North Business Park
      Naturalized trails through fields and forest. Open year-round.
      From Crystal S. - "Beautiful open area, fenced, trails in the back! Doggy bags available."

  • Spruce Grove Dog Park
    • Cpl. Jim Galloway Memorial Off Leash Area - 51 Century Close
      Double-gated entry; more than 8.6 acres of fenced off-leash park area; small dogs section; nearly 1 km of gravel walking trails; seating areas; trees; doggie bag dispenser and garbage cans.

  • Strathcona County Dog Park

  • Vermilion Dog Park
    - located by the Pioneer Ball Diamonds at 44th Street and 54th Avenue.
    From Vicky T. - "The dog park in Vermilion is a decent size, fully fenced with the waiting pen to prevent escapes. It has a bit of a drainage ditch running through it so it's good to bring towels and some extra water to rinse them off if dogs go wading. There are some trees, but more would be better. There's a picnic table and poop sacks and a garbage can. It is located on the northwest end of town, with a shared parking lot with the ball park."

  • Wetaskiwin Dog Park
    • The Bark Park off-leash dog park - 6128 - 56 Avenue
      Located on the north side of By-the-Lake Park and can be accessed from the trail system.

    From Anne-Marie W. - "Peace Hills Park is located on the west side past the golf course at the bottom of the hill. Facilities: natural trails; multi-use park; marsh/footbridges. Great place to socialize your dog and get some exercise! There is also a parking lot with a place for picnics, kids to play etc."

Is your favourite dog park missing from this list? Or want to send us an update? Tell us about it!
Please include dog park location, amenities offered, and anything else you think dog owners would find useful. Thank you! Note: we do not list private or membership-based parks.




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