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Valentine's Day for Pet Owners

Us pet owners have fallen in love with those beloved furry faces, soulful eyes, and wet noses. Since Valentine's Day is all about spending time with those you love, it's only natural that many of us want to include our pets. By all means, indulge in a romantic night with your (human) sweetheart as well ... at the same time, here's how to keep your pets safe, while also indulging them in their version of a special day.

Keep Pets Safe from Valentine's Day Goodies

Store Chocolates and Candies Out of Reach

Many pet owners already know that chocolate can be potentially life-threatening to pets. Ingestion can cause diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, and can even be fatal. Keep chocolates safely hidden. The same goes for candies, gum, and other treats, which are sometimes sweetened with a substance called xylitol, which is also toxic to pets. Some pets are skilled counter-surfers, so make sure these delicious treats are securely stashed! A cabinet lock can help prevent pets from accessing treats stored inside.

Wrap It Up

Many pets love to wrestle or play with the gift-wrap. Supervise them at all times, then carefully gather up all the wrapping paper, ribbon, string, bows, tape, balloons, etc... and safely discard them. Ingestion of these types of items can present a choking hazard or can cause an intestinal blockage.

Dangerous Bouquets

Flowers are another common gift on Valentine's Day. If you're giving a bouquet to another pet owner, request that they exclude certain plants that are dangerous to pets, like the favourite lilies and tulips. If you've received a bouquet, you may want to remove any dangerous flowers you recognize as well as keep the bouquet safely out-of-reach of pets.

Thorny flowers, such as roses, should also be kept away from pets. A florist will typically de-thorn flowers... but if you're doing your own, do the task far away from your pets and promptly clean up and discard the thorns. An accidental prick can be painful and lead to infection. Plus taking your pet to the veterinarian probably isn't the way you wanted to spend Valentine's Day.

Fire Hazards

The ambiance of softly-glowing candles or a cozy fire is hard to beat. Inquisitive noses and paws can find fires intriguing as well. Pets can accidentally knock over candles, creating a fire hazard; or accidentally burn a curious paw or inquisitive nose. Supervise pets at all times or prevent them from accessing the room.

Valentine's Day and Adopting a New Pet

You might have been thinking about adding another furry friend to your life recently... and maybe you feel that Valentine's Day is just a good a time to meet and adopt another pet.

It's another thing entirely to decide that your lonely friend or family member could use a pet to cheer them up. A pet is a very big commitment - one that's not easily re-packaged and re-gifted! Even if you know the person loves animals, it doesn't mean they're willing or able to commit to having a pet. Instead, give a gift certificate so that they can choose a pet of their own if and when they're ready.

Celebrate Their Way

Pets love nothing more than to be with those they love. Here are a few ways you can show your four-legged friend some extra love this Valentine's Day.

  • Treat your dog to a longer walk or extra time at the dog park.

  • Have an extended activity-time. Does your dog love to play fetch? Or nose-work games? Does your cat love to play with a wand toy, or enjoys napping with you? Give your pet your undivided attention for their favourite activity.

  • Set up a date with your pet's favourite buddies. Invite them over for a walk together or to just hang out to play and relax.

  • Take your pet somewhere special he really enjoys. Is there a park or trail or beach that he really loves, but doesn't get to go that often? A short outing to that special place could be a great way to spend a few hours. Plus a bonus car ride could make it even more special.

  • An extra treat or a new toy probably wouldn't be turned down. If you really want to indulge your pet, head to a local doggy bakery and browse through their selection of delicious goodies baked just for pets.


"Once they love, they love steadily, unchangingly, 'til their last breath."
(Elizabeth von Arnim)

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