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Traveling with a Senior Pet

Senior pets and travel Many "senior" pets continue to happily accompany their people on their travels - but senior pets have special needs, and that translates into special considerations when going on holidays with their humans:

  • Is your pet physically fit for travel?
    Your vet can advise you best.

  • Does your pet want to travel?
    Some pets lose the desire to travel as they get older, preferring instead to nap quietly on a warm, comfortable bed. A responsible and trusted pet-sitter is a good option - preferably one that your pet knows and loves.

    Don't force your pet to travel if he genuinely doesn't enjoy it. He can happily greet you upon your return.

  • Be aware of your pet's physical limitations, if any.
    For instance, steep steps or slippery floors at your chosen accommodation may prove to be a challenge for pets with mobility problems. If you enjoy hiking with your dog, add some time for extra breaks - and don't try to have your pooch do more than he can comfortably handle.

  • Your dog may need more frequent breaks
    to relieve himself and stretch out.

  • Bring supplies to keep your senior pet comfortable,
    such as warm bedding and any medications your senior pet may require while traveling.

  • Maintain a routine
    to keep stress to a minimum. For example, walk your dog at the same time you normally would, and bring along a supply of the same food (and even water) that your pet is accustomed to getting at home.

  • Take into account any behavioral changes.
    Pets that are starting to lose their sight or hearing may become confused in new places. Keep them close, speak or touch them often, and be sure they're wearing appropriate identification. Some senior pets may prefer quieter activities (such as relaxing by the water, instead of a strenous hike up a mountain)... and may even prefer a quieter location (a secluded cabin rather than a busy resort).

Pets are wonderful companions, regardless of their age. Provided that your older pet is fit for travel and enjoys it, then there's no reason why he can't continue to vacation with you.




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