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'Kodie has been a part of our home for 3 years now and we never looked back with adopting him from our local SPCA. Though naughty at times, Kodie has endeared himself to our hearts with his funny antics and, of course, his unconditional love!' - Rosario 'Dowoo and Dorem would be 5 years soon.' - DY 'Sasha (lab border collie) at Rathtrevor Beach in Parksville, BC.' - Sue M. 'My choc lab, Cedar, 5 years old.' - Mary (photo sent in by an anonymous reader!) 'Diesel, my tri-pawd, is very concerned about the cookies!' - Megan 'Muffin.' 'Lookin' for adventure.' - Linda 'At the dog park.' - Megan 'Summer time' - DY 'Lucia, having a cuddle with Lulu.' - Lana 'Hello from New Brunswick Canada! This is Harvey. He was born June 13,2018. We rescued him from Missouri.' - Andrea Photo from DY in Korea Photo from Barbara H. 'Our annual Santa Paws Parade at work featuring: Piper, Edison, Ziggy, Nani, Bo & Bella' - Jennifer A. 'Here is Margo. She was a rescued dog. She loves the snow.' - Beth G. 'Here are pictures of Roxy (Black Flat-coated mix) & Tuuki(Husky/German Shepherd mix). Both are rescues - the loves of my life.' - Angie T. 'Here are pictures of Roxy (Black Flat-coated mix) & Tuuki(Husky/German Shepherd mix). Both are rescues - the loves of my life.' - Angie T. 'Here is our 12 year old Lab, Rusty, with Santa.' - Janet N. 'Here's a photo of our beloved Bandit.' - Casey and Adrian 'Dog days of summer.' - Laureen P., Shiba Inu mom 'Dog hugging, great day!' - Laureen P., Shiba Inu mom 'This is Sheamus, my step-daughter's dog who thinks he's a lap dog. He's a 7 year old boxer whose hobby is shadowing his Mom Sammi around the house. He loves chasing tennis balls; these days squeaky toys are # 1.' - Mary L. 'My 3 year old Papillon, Honey.' - Glenda L. 'Brodie is our 7 yr old. Walter was a rescue this January and he is 8. Took a while, but they can finally share a mat.' - Rob P. from the pet-friendly Spotted Dog B and B in Madoc, Ontario 'Just nappin'!' - Holly O. 'A photo of our old cat, who used to travel everywhere with us. She passed a few years ago.' - Angela 'This is Stella she is 1.5 yrs old she is an Eskipoo. Her mom is a miniature American Eskimo and her dad is a Toy Poodle. She is full grown and is 17 lbs.' - Theresa H. ''Ol timer Dawson.' - Rod 'This is my beautiful Tyson.' - Cassie from Edmonton 'My lovely old dog's paw, a photo I took as he was snoring away a warm afternoon.' - Mel from Vancouver 'Here is a photo of Lacey, who is aging beautifully! It was taken when she was 11 - last winter, but she's turned 12 this past summer.' - Lana P. from Calgary, AB 'Here is Cedar (4 year old chocolate lab) enjoying the beautiful sunshine!' - Mary from Gibsons, BC 'Here are my wild-pets! These 2 beautiful birds started hanging around my tree so I put up a little house for them.' - Mary from Calgary, AB 'This is Tiger's crazy vicious face - actually, he's just yawning, lol. He's a very sweet and affectionate cat.' - Shanna M. 'This is Kaylee'.' - Sandra S. Photo by Megan R. Photo by Megan R. 'This is my bearded lady, Rosie, my 7 year old standard schnauzer. She was celebrating Canada Day!' - Shirley C. 'Here's Heidi (9 yrs old in August), waiting for her morning walk.'.' - Laurie T. 'My Bearded Dragon, Hercules, from Toronto.' - John H. 'Clover, in tunnel.' - Heather 'Gentle JP with his new tiny friend.' - J.A. 'Matisse and Harvey just hangin'.' - Irma B. 'Muffin, posing prettily.' - from Vancouver 'Go away, I am trying to sleep... (my Sasha, a lab border collie)' - Sue M. 'The posse at quiet time. Lady, Rascal & Dawson relax on their space.' - Rod W. 'Ol' Dawson doggy.' - Rod W. 'Bartholomew (on the chair) and Contessa are rescues. Bartholomew is 10 months and Contessa is 15 years old, lost the tips of her ears to frostbite and has 1 tooth. She's enjoying getting used to a life with no stress, regular meals, clean water, safe and cosy places to nap and a new friend to play with. They're a delight to have in my life.' - Judy H. 'Gidget, my 10 week old Shelchon.' - Diane G. 'This is our sweet boy Rusty celebrating his 12th birthday!' - Janet from Toronto 'Cedar, 3.5 year old chocolate lab. Here he is on St Paddy's day.' - Mary M. from Gibsons, BC 'From Brampton, Ontario, my Alaskan Malamute Guiness.' - Darnelly V. 'Bailey, relaxing.' - Heather R. from Nova Scotia, Canada 'Here is a photo of our 2 rescued English Setters enjoying the warmth of the fire in their new home. Charlotte (the liver coloured dog), had never been in a house & Ziggy (the blue) spent 3 years isolated in a cage because the owner didn't like him! They are both epileptic and Ziggy suffers from separation anxiety which is getting better! We love them and the rewards of adopting special needs animals gives my husband and I a great deal of satisfaction just knowing they have a life so different than what they had!' - Jennifer 'Our little angel, Minnie Pearl, turned five months on Feb 18 - she came from an animal rescue.' - Barbara, Toronto, Ontario 'Dawson.' - Rod W. 'Lady.' - Rod W. 'This is Elli.' - Heather R. from Nova Scotia, Canada 'This is our sweet Molly on her Grandma's lap. Molly celebrated her 11th birthday on January 8th!! Thanks for your website and the great info that you provide.' - Lori 'Here is Fiona, 4yr old SCWT, at her post keeping a watchful eye on things!' - Monique, Hawkesbury, Ontario 'Walter is a 7 yr old rescue. He has joined our family, including a 6.5 yr old basset-beagle.' - Robert of Spotted Dog B and B 'Our schoodle Levi (like the jeans), enjoying the fire on a cold winter's day. Our guy will be 12 next month. Love him to pieces and he is very spoiled.' - Cindy


"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened." (Anatole France)


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