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List Your Canadian Accommodation caters to the ever-growing market of travelers who bring their pets with them on vacation. Please choose one of the advertising options below. Note that we only list properties that allow pets to stay inside the room with their families. Pet policies, additional fees, and restrictions are common; we ask that these policies are disclosed up-front to facilitate communication and expectations between travelers and properties.

Billing date: October 1
We operate on a standardized billing date of October 1. If your sign-up date is between October 1 and March 30, your listing fee will be pro-rated to the nearest October 1 (eg. if you sign up on Jan 1, 2024, your fee will be pro-rated to Oct 1, 2024). If you sign up between April 1 and September 29, your listing fee will be adjusted to the following year (eg. if you sign on May 1, 2024, your listing will be adjusted to October 1, 2025).


The Standard Listing option is essentially a 1-page summary of your own website. It includes up to eight (8) photos, plus a generously-sized description and your pet policy. You can list search terms such as nearby towns or parks to make it even easier for visitors to locate your listing. And, of course, you can list your phone number, fax number, and use an email inquiry form so that prospective renters can contact you for more information or for bookings.

Cost (1-year term): $240 + one-time setup fee of $80


If you prefer that visitors be directed to your own website (rather than to a 1-page summary hosted on Pet Friendly's site), this is the option for you. You provide one primary photo plus a short description of up to 500 characters and your pet policy. You can also provide three (3) additional photos, to be used on your secondary listing which is created for search engine purposes.

Visitors who click on your directory listing will be automatically redirected to your website where they can explore your property online to their heart's content. They will book directly through your website.

Cost (1-year term): $300 + one-time setup fee of $50
Register for a CUSTOM LINK


This is available only to properties who have either a Standard Listing or a Custom Link. Your property will be featured in the sidebar of the province's search page, using your primary listing photo and a link to either your listing (Standard Listing) or your website (Custom Link).

Cost: $120 (1-year)

You'll be offered this option once your registration has been accepted and your listing created.
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