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Pet Resources: Pet Care & Educational Links

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Animal Pet Doctor - offers a wide variety of information about pet article. Features an extensive article library.

Canine Diabetes - the symptoms of diabetes in dogs.

Cushings Dogs - a personal story about managing Canine Cushings Disease - symptoms of Cushings, life expectancy, treatment.

Feline Diabetes - the symptoms of diabetes in cats. - offers general information from breeding to health concerns to general information about cats, focusing specifically on the Ragdoll cat.

Liver Disease in Dogs - dealing with canine liver disease: a personal account about the symptoms, prognosis, and even hope for healing liver disease in dogs. - A site just for senior dogs. Friendly, helpful information on all aspects of older dog care from a senior dog owner.

Pet Nutrition - Pet and animal health through nutrition.

Puppy Training Tips and Techniques - Dog and puppy training advice. Includes information on house and crate training, housebreaking older dogs, dog behaviors, and puppy care. A valuable resource for new as well as experienced dog owners. Dog Training Tips - including information on puppy training, and even where to find delicious gourmet dog treats that you can use as rewards during training.

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