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Northwest Territories Dog Parks, Dog-Friendly Trails, Beaches and Off-Leash Areas

Please be sure to always pick up after your dog, dispose of it appropriately (no little baggies littering the area!) and show good dog park etiquette at all times.

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This list is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed to be so. Park regulations may change from time to time.

Dog Parks & Beaches in the Northwest Territories (NWT)

  • Yellowknife Dog Parks
    - Dog-Walking Areas (On and Off-Leash from the NWT SPCA

    Off-Leash Dog Parks:

    • Yellowknife Dog Park (fenced) - behind the Yellowknife Curling Club at 6008 Franklin Ave.
    • Yellowknife Ski Club (summer-use only; located on the Ingraham Trail) - head north on Ingraham trail; park is located just before the dump.
    • Tin Can Hill (open, multi-use area - use caution) - located just off of School Draw Ave; turn right onto a dead end road, then take the dirt road up the hill to the off-leash area.
    • Sand Pits (open, multi-use area - use caution) - located 3 km west of the airport.

    Parks That Welcome Leashed Dogs:
    • Range Lake Trail (1.2 km groomed trail) - access from Rivett Crescent or from Parker Park Ball diamonds.
    • Prelude Lake Trail (1.5 to 2 hour nature hike through varied terrain; great views of Prelude Lake; watch for bears!) - about 30 minutes north on Ingraham Trail.
    • Frame Lake Trail (groomed trail around the lake; dirty water - don't let dogs swim!) - multiple accesses: across from the Coop Grocery Store, behind the pool, city hall, the museum and Gitzel Street.
    • Niven Lake Trail (nature trail around a wetlands; don't allow dogs to chase wildlife or enter the water) - drive north on Ingraham Trail; park by the wooded bridge.

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