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Manitoba Dog Parks, Dog-Friendly Trails, Beaches and Off-Leash Areas

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Dog Parks & Beaches in Manitoba

  • Brandon Dog Parks:
    City of Brandon Dog Parks - all dogs must have current City of Brandon license.
    • Doggy Diamond - 2720 Park Avenue
    • East End Paw Park - 11 Street East & Victoria Avenue East
    • Hanbury Hill Pooch Park - 600 Braecrest Drive

    From Angie - "There are at least 2 off-leash dog parks in Brandon, MB. The one on Victoria Ave East at 11th St East is fully fenced. The one at 18th St, just south of the Corral Centre, on the west side of the road is open and has access to the Assiniboine River."

    From Mike - "The Pooch Park is the 3rd dog park in Brandon, located 2 blocks west of 26th and Park. Keep going two blocks west down Park. You can't miss it, it's next to the ball field. The park is fenced and has dog bags."

  • Portage La Prairie Dog Park

  • Winnipeg Dog Parks:
    "Fields for Fido" Off-Leash Dog Areas - all dogs must be properly licensed.
    • Little Mountain Park (large open area in the NW corner of the park; multi-use area - use caution) - 64093 Klimpke Road
    • Kil-Cona Park (off-leash area on the hill, east of the parking lot; dogs must be leashed in all other areas; multi-use area) - 1229 Springfield Road
    • King's Park (off-leash area NE of retention pond; multi-use area) - Kilkenny Dr. and Kings Dr.
    • Maple Grove Park (fenced-in area for puppies; off-leash area directly north of the Fields for Fido Kiosk; multi-use area) - St. Mary's Rd and the Perimeter Hwy
    • Mazenod Park/Retention Pond (area surrounding the retention pond; boundaries: Mazenod Road, Camiel Sys Street and Beghin Street) - NW corner of Camiel Sys Street and Beghin Ave.
    • Bourkevale Park (dogs can be off-leash south of the dike, along the riverbank) - 100 Ferry Rd.
    • Westview Park (entire park is off-leash; multi-use park) - Midland & Saskatchewan Ave.
    • Woodsworth Park (off-leash area is just north of the parking lot) - 1850 Hekla Ave.
    • Charleswood Dog Park (formerly a golf course; multi-use park) - West side of Haney Street between Grant Ave and Coy Ave.

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