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Pet-Proofing Your Home

Pet-proofing our homes helps us to keep our pooches and kitties safe around the house. Our curious and enthusiastic furry friends can get themselves into trouble, as many pet owners can attest! And when they have a furry buddy to pal around with, that can lead to even more mischief. Here are a few tips on making your home 'pet-proof'.

  • Put child-proof locks on cabinets. Many cats and dogs have been known to cleverly open doors and cabinets to get at their favourite foods and treats. While it might seem harmless for them to gorge on food, they could also ingest the wrappings or something else that isn't meant for them - like human medication.

  • Cover couches to make cleanup easier. Throw a sheet over the couch or purchase a couch protector to make it easier to clean up fur.

  • Crate young puppies when you're not able to supervise. Crates can be a positive and welcoming place for dogs - it's a cozy little den that's all their own. Outfit it with a comfortable mat or cuddly blankets and reward your pup when he goes in. Leave the door of the crate open so that he can go in and out as he pleases. This keeps your pup safe and out of mischief, so you don't have to come home to shredded rugs and gnawed table legs.

  • Tie up dangling cords from blinds, so that your pet doesn't get tangled up in them.

  • Clean up or put away sewing and craft supplies. Pets can be injured or become ill if they swallow thread, needles, buttons, etc.

  • Use electrical cord or cable protectors to shield them from dogs and cats that love to chew.

  • Hide the trash cans. Some foods and wrappers can be harmful to pets.

  • Check the washer and dryer before turning them on. Curious kitties may be hiding inside.

  • Safely store medication, cleaning supplies, chemicals, and other dangerous items out of reach. A locked cabinet is best, otherwise place them in a secure room or on high, inaccessible shelves.

    Remember that cats are especially adept at getting to high places - and even if they don't get into mischief, they may accidentally knock a dangerous item down to the floor where it can be accessible to other pets.

  • Choose your houseplants carefully. Many are poisonous to pets. Place them out of reach and make sure that they're not accessible to cats who may jump.

  • Keep toilet lids closed to prevent pets from drinking the water and ingesting cleaning chemicals. A closed lid will also prevent small animals from falling in accidentally.

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