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About Pet Friendly Canada

Many years ago, we realized that many pet owners didn't know they could travel with their pets... and those who were aware their pets could vacation with them, had a hard time finding accommodations. We could relate; after all, in between us, we had four pets of our own and could understand not wanting to leave them behind (shouldn't family vacations be for the whole family - whether two-legged or four-legged?)! And thus was born.

Pet Friendly Canada is dedicated to creating a valuable resource for both pet lovers and pet-friendly property owners or managers. We connect pet-friendly accommodations with pet-toting travellers.

  • We encourage responsible pet ownership or guardianship. It's important to respect others in and around your holiday rental and make the holiday experience with pets pleasant for everyone -- pet owners and non-pet-owners alike! Let's each do our part to help ensure our pets can continue to enjoy vacations with their families.

  • We encourage hoteliers, managers, and hosts to consider allowing pets, with policies or rules in place to suit their level of "comfort" (note: size and breed of dog is not so important as the personality of the individual dog itself as well as the attitude of the owner). Many people consider their much-loved pets to be a vital part of the family, and refuse to leave them behind. In the many years we've been doing this, the vast majority of our accommodation members tell us that pet owners are great guests!

Pet Friendly Canada proudly supports humane societies and rescue organizations.

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