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Readers' Pet Photos - January 2016

Welcome to the January issue of reader Pet Photos... looks like lots of pets enjoyed the holidays with their people! ( send us your photos too!)

Featured Pet Photo

"After more than 6 months of losing our beloved Koya, Paul and I welcomed another rescue dog from our local Hamilton-Burlington SPCA. Kodie is a male, 3 1/2-year old hound mix dog. Kodie is quite energetic and high strung pooch. He needs though some re-house training and structure so we enrolled him in the SPCA's obedience training. He improved quite a lot through this 7-session obedience training and has really adapted well to his new forever home (our place)."
- Rosario & Paul
Featured Pet Photo

"This is Casey, our 6 month old golden lab, and Dublin, our 5 year old Wheaten Terrier. It took a few treats to get this pic! So serious! :)"
- Susan O.

Featured Pet Photo

"Santa Milo!"
- Jack W.
Featured Pet Photo

"This is Fiona, our 3 yr old SCWT, getting ready for Christmas."
- Mimi B., Hawkesbury, Ontario

Featured Pet Photo

"Diego says Happy New Year."
- Claudia W.
Featured Pet Photo

"Enclosed is a photo op of my 6-year-old Beagle Dexter, taken for his doggy friends at Christmas."
- Morris F.

Featured Pet Photo

"Harley and his mother Maggie."
- Heather
Featured Pet Photo

"Happy Dawson and Santa Paws."
- Leanne S.

Featured Pet Photo

"This is Shiloh. We rescued him from a high kill shelter 5 years ago. A gentle giant loved by all."
- Andrea
Featured Pet Photo

"This is a picture of my beautiful pup, Aslan Gidian Tumnus Miller."
- Antoinette P.

Featured Pet Photo

"This is a picture of my renegade Paxton. He weighed 120 pounds and he was a Great Dane-Staffy cross. The second picture is a blue and white staffy whose name is Callie. They were both rescues."
- Holly M.


"Our pets lead us from patience to love and then to loss... but it is always a journey worth taking."
(Author Unknown)




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