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Pet Friendly Newsletter - September 2008

Pet Quotes

"To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace." (Milan Kundera)

"There are few things in life more heart warming than to be welcomed by a cat." (Tay Hohoff)


"Ready for summer, this is Sammy, a 2-year-old poodle cross."
- Linda of Abbotsford, BC

"This is a picture of our 8 yr old Border Collie, Arrow, a member of our family that has added years to our lives. Just the nudge we get in the morning to tell us he would like to go outside and the solitary bark to tell us he would like to come back inside are small things that we appreciate about this caring animal."
- Ralph and Rocky M. of Sticks and Stones Country Cottages on Galiano Island, BC


"This is our beautiful 5-month-old lab puppy, Lindor at the cottage this summer. I am also attaching a photo of him as a puppy."
Carrie S. of Barrie, Ontario


Accidents can happen to even the very best of pet owners. In some cases, however, the heartbreak of losing a pet could have been prevented. No pet owner expects to lose their pet or have it stolen. Take these steps to help safeguard your pet:

  • Make sure your yard is securely fenced. Dogs can squeeze through small gaps under the fencing so be sure to patch any that you find. Regularly check your fence for new holes, gaps, or rotten boards and fix them right away.

    Also be aware of items that could help your dog escape the yard, such as chain link fencing (some dogs can climb it!), or a patio set or storage unit near the fence (which a pet could use as a stepping stone to leap over the fence).

    If your dog likes to dig:

    • Dig a trench a foot or more deep around the perimeter of your yard, right underneath the fence line. Fill it with concrete or place more boards in the trench and then re-fill it. This will help to prevent your dog from digging underneath your fence and escaping the yard.

    • Build a separate dog run with a concrete floor (or with a similar setup to the above to help prevent digging dogs from escaping).

  • Lock your gates. Fence gates can blow open in the wind; swing open if they're not properly latched; or be left open for any number of reasons. Protect your pet by placing a lock or a tension cable across the gate to keep it securely closed. This will also prevent visitors from entering your yard without permission.

  • Keep dogs leashed and cats crated when travelling. Your pet could become disoriented and get lost if he escapes in an unfamiliar area.

  • Check collars and leashes for fraying. Replace them as needed.

  • Make sure your pet's collar is properly fitted. It should neither be too tight or too loose, since loose collars may slip off over your pet's head.

  • Do not leave your pets outside or in the car alone and unattended. There have been unfortunate cases in which family pets have been stolen. It only takes a quick moment for someone to take your pet!

  • Train your dog. Dogs should respond to basic obedience commands. Many dog owners love to frequent leash-free areas, a great place for dogs to interact with each other and get some exercise. However all dogs must be under control. A dog that is obedience-trained will be less likely to run off inappropriately.

  • Beware of loud noises. Many dogs have noise phobias over things like fireworks, thunderstorms, or construction noises. Don't bring dogs to events where loud noises are expected - even if they've never before had a negative reaction to them. If you must bring your pet, make sure he is supervised and securely leashed or crated.

  • Spay or neuter your pet. "Fixed" pets are less likely to wander, and there are health benefits too.

  • Make sure your pet is always wearing appropriate ID. That includes a collar with license tag; a tag with up-to-date telephone numbers; a rabies tag; plus a microchip and/or a tattoo. Collars can come loose and tags may fall off, so a microchip is an an additional safeguard for your pet. Always make sure your contact information is current. Periodically check to make sure the tags are still readable, and if not, replace them.

  • Take a few clear photos of your pet right now. They will be indispensable if your pet goes missing.

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