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Pet Friendly Newsletter - January 2008

Pet Quotes

"The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." (Ambrose Bierce)

"You own a dog; you feed a cat." (Jim Fiebig)


"I love your newsletter and thought you might enjoy these photos of my 7 year old Wheaten Terrier, Madigan. Maddy has epilepsy (as well as being born with megaesophagus) and one of the side effects of her anti-convulsants are weight gain. She has been on diet food for years and gets lots of exercise but she is still a chubby puppy! It doesn't slow her down though and she is always looking for a good game of frisbee, rain, sun or snow!"
- Sent in by Jenny

"I'm sharing a picture of our Shih Tzu Toby we took while visiting Niagara Falls this fall."
- Sent in by Lois T. of Morehead, KY

"This is our little girl Tulula Mango - Brindle Boxer, 5 months old. She is a handful."
- Sent in by Michael P.

"Hi, our two Newfs just love the outdoors, but the snow bugs their feet so we put on their boots. Cole is the black newf and Brooklyn is the landseer. We have lots of snow."
- Sent in by Kim

"Here is a picture of our 3 birds, Tango, Mango & Chiqui."
- Sent in by John & Amira of Etobicoke, Ontario


Moving to a new city can be exciting and stressful at the same time. When you add in a pet, there's a little more planning to be done too. Here are a few things to prepare for before you relocate with your animal friends:

  • Research local licensing regulations and pet laws. For example, some municipalities have restrictions on how many pets a household may keep, or breed-specific legislation that restricts the types of dogs allowed.

  • If you're renting: finding long-term housing that allows pets can be a real challenge, so start early. Prepare references for your pet from your current landlord, veterinarian, dog trainer, etc.. You can use this to demonstrate to potential landlords that you are a responsible pet owner. More detailed information on renting with pets is available from

  • Leave yourself lots of time to find out if your pet will need special documentation to come with you. This is common, for instance, when you move to another country.

  • Ensure your pet is healthy and ready for the move. Keep his or her vaccinations up-to-date and ask your vet to prepare any documentation you may need for your move.

  • Keep your pet's important records close at hand when you move. This includes license tag numbers, microchip and tattoo numbers, vaccination & health records, record of prescription medications, and your vet's name and contact information.

  • When you choose your new home you may wish to look for "pet-friendly" amenities that are close by, such as: vet clinics, groomers, doggy daycares, pet-sitting facilities, pet supply stores, parks and pathways (including off-leash parks), dog-friendly beaches, etc.

  • Prepare your pet for the move. It's best if your pet can travel with you in the car, as this makes it easy for you to keep an eye on him. If he's not used to traveling, start with short car trips and gradually build up to longer trips.

    If your pet has to be transported by plane, make sure you have an appropriate airline-approved crate and all documentation. Consult with your vet to help ensure that your pet will have a safe flight.

  • On moving day, keep your pet safely confined to a crate and out of the way while the moving company works. Leaving your pet in a room isn't ideal as someone may inadvertantly open the door, allowing your pet to escape. Notify the movers about your pet and periodically check on your pet to ensure he's still doing fine.

  • Make sure your pet's ID is clearly visible at all times. Attach a number where you can be reached while you're in transit and getting settled into your new home.

  • If your trip to your new home is likely to take more than a day, book pet-friendly accommodations in advance so that you and your pet both have a safe place to stay for the night.

  • Once you arrive at your new home:
    • Keep your pet confined once again, until the moving company is finished.

    • Make sure your pet's ID is up-to-date, Many pet supply stores have automated machines that will print up a new ID tag within minutes.

    • Contact the municipality to license your pets, if required.

    • Arrange for your veterinary records to be transferred to your new vet clinic.

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