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Pet Friendly Newsletter - January 2006


"There is no faith which has never yet been broken except that of a truly faithful dog." (Konrad Lorenz)

"You can keep a dog; but it is the cat who keeps people, because cats find humans useful domestic animals." (George Mikes)


Winter dog-walking Fresh air and exercise is important for both people and pets. Winter offers crisp air and a magical landscape in which to enjoy your outings together. Before you head outdoors, consider the following:

  • Protect your pet from the cold (yes, even with all their fur, pets DO get cold!). Specially-made jackets and 'booties' are some items that can help keep your pet toasty warm.

  • Know your dog's fitness level. Dogs that usually take just a short stroll around the block may find a trek through the deep snow a little too strenuous! Likewise, short dogs may find themselves struggling to plow a path through the snow. If you plan to do some winter hiking with your dog, gradually increase your pet's exercise until he's ready to accompany you on the trails.

  • Check your pet's paws for "snowballs". Hard little chunks of ice that form between the paw pads can be extremely painful for your pet (think, "pebble in your shoe"!). Help your dog remove these or have him wear dog boots.

  • Be aware of other people enjoying recreational activities on the trail, such as skiiers and snowmobilers. Try to avoid trails that are primarily used for these purposes, as a collision can be very dangerous for both the person and for your pet. If your dog is off-leash make sure he comes when called and will stay put when told.

  • Watch for hazards such as slippery ice - and thin ice, too. Senior pets or pets with limited mobility may find it difficult to navigate slippery surfaces.

  • Look out for spilled antifreeze. Pets are attracted to its sweet taste, however it is extremely poisonous and even ingesting a small amount can be fatal. Contact a veterinarian immediately if you believe your pet has consumed antifreeze.

  • Bring water if you plan on going for an extended walk. Snow is not a suitable substitute for water.

  • Gently wipe your dog's paws with a moist towel after a walk. The salt used to melt ice from sidewalks and driveways can irritate or burn your pet's paws, or cause even bigger problems if your pet licks the salt from his paws. [some home & garden stores now carry salt that's marked as "pet-safe"]


"Our 'cutie' is a 6 yr old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Bailey is a very active and playful dog. She especially loves to chase squirrels and chipmonks!"
-Monique B.

"These are my girls, Carly the foxhound is 3, and Chelsea the beagle is 5. This is Chelsea's recliner. But Carly the clown loves to taunt her. They are the greatest dogs. Here they are just having fun. Well Carly is anyway."
- Carol N. of Mississauga, Ontario

"Lazy, lazy, lazy. These are our 2 Shih Tzu's ... Daizy Duke and Diezel."
- Billie M.

"Hello Pet Friendly! Here are pictures of my 'kids' Emma and Nick. Emma is a beautiful soul. Nick was rescued from euthanasia in Yellowknife. I went for cat food at our local vet's office and came home with Nick, who was about to be put down within minutes of my visit. Whew! He's a sweet, lovely, eager little guy.

Thank you for your site. We really enjoy the info and use the site often when travelling."
- Beth H. of Edmonton, Alberta

"This is JC (aka The Magnificent) having just received a gift from one of his numerous aunties. Within an hour the toy was demolished and had to be hidden away. JC regularly scans your listings for pet-friendly accommodations. He never goes away without taking his proud parents. Last visit was to The Little Inn of Bayfield."
- Anne C. of Bobcaygeon, Ontario

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