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Pet Friendly Newsletter - April 2006


"My dog is usually pleased with what I do, because she is not infected with the concept of what I 'should' be doing." (Lonzo Idolswine)

"When I play with my cat, who knows if I am not a past-time to her more than she is to me?" (Montaigne)



Left: "Mandy, swimming in Lake Scugog. Doesn't like the water and tries to remain dry."
Right: "Beau, on the other hand, he's the little brown and white Springer, just loves the water and at the time was trying to retake possession of his stick from a dog friend of ours."
- Wayne P. of Ontario

"Hello there, this is Yanyan 9 yrs old Shitzu and Omar 9 months old English Angora Rabbit. They get along well and play together and wait for their treats in the kitchen." - Maria R. of Hamilton, Ontario

"This picture present my daughter Jenny and my other "four-legged daughter" - Polly. They both liked our boat trip on the Ottawa River." - Tetyana


Adopting another pet It can be tempting to get another pet; there are so many in need of homes, and the companionship they provide to all the members of the household (both human and animal) is very rewarding. However, before you add another animal to your pack, consider:

  • Do you have the time (and patience) to devote to a new companion? Responsibilities at work and home may limit the amount of free time you have. With a new pet, there's always an adjustment period that can vary widely from pet to pet. Young pets such as puppies often require a much greater time commitment for training and socialization.

  • Do you have the financial resources to care for another pet? Although you may love any new addition to your household, it's just plain fact that pets cost money. It's not just the adoption fee, but also the cost of food, veterinary bills, spay/neuter surgery, toys, bedding, and other other items & services. A dog and cat budget worksheet are available online here.

  • How will another pet impact your lifestyle? For instance:

    • If you like to travel, you will find that many accommodations have a limit on how many pets they will accept per room. You may have a more difficult time locating suitable pet-friendly lodgings, or may be faced with staying home with your pets or leaving one or more of them with a pet-sitter or at a boarding facility.

    • Your municipality may have a limit on how many pets are permitted per household. Adding another pet may require you to move elsewhere.

    • You might enjoy taking your dogs to the local leash-free dog park. Would you be able to safely manage another dog, in addition to the ones you currently have?

  • How will a new pet affect your existing pets? People sometimes get another pet because they believe their existing pet is "lonely" for one of his own kind. However, some pets are content to be in a "one-pet" household. Consider issues such as your existing pet's temperament, age, and his reaction to new animals. Also consider compatability issues - for instance, if your pet has a strong prey drive then adopting a rabbit may not be the best idea.

  • Are the human members of your household agreeable to getting another pet? Another pet means more responsibility which includes feeding, exercise, and cleaning as well as other tasks.

Many pets live happily in multi-pet households. Perhaps your household will be next to offer yet another pet a loving and permanent home!

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