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Readers' Pet Photos - October 2016

Welcome to the October issue of reader Pet Photos! ( send us your photos too!)

Featured Pet Photo
"Here is a picture of my schnoodle Heidi with her summer doo. She turned 8 years old on August 7th."
- Laurie T.
Featured Pet Photo
"Here's a picture of my cat Chyna. She's a 17 year old Persian/Himalayan. At times she thinks she's a dog; Chyna loves to fetch and bring the toy back for me to toss again. She loves relaxing on the deck and goes on every camping trip we go on in our 5th wheel."
- Mary L., Nova Scotia

Featured Pet Photo

"Kodie had a blast today celebrating a special day... one year of finding his forever home... our home!"
- Rosario & Paul
Featured Pet Photo

"Clover, our youngest. All our cats were starving strays. Now are all spoiled."
- Heather


"Do anything, but let it produce joy."
(Walt Whitman)




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