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Readers' Pet Photos - August 2013

Welcome to the August issue of reader Pet Photos... something to bring a smile to your day! (send us your photos too!)

Featured Pet Photo
Featured Pet Photo
First photo: "This is what I get when I come home from work... My dog Spunky runs to greet me at the door, and then practically throws himself on his back... kind of like he's saying 'Hey you, you're home! You see me, you think I'm cute - rub my belly!'... He always makes me smile, even after a long day at work! Spunky was adopted from the Bathurst SPCA back in April 2012. He's a wonderful companion, and I'm so happy and blessed to have him in my life!"

Second photo: "This is my dog Spunky and I, taken on the summit of Mt. Bailey (located in Mt. Carleton Provincial Park) in October 2012. Spunky really enjoyed this outdoors adventure!"

- Sophie B.

Featured Pet Photo

"Rosie is pondering life while on vacation in Restoule."
Featured Pet Photo

"Attached is a picture of my Lab, Rusty. As you can see, he loves to go in the garden and do landscaping."
- Janet N. of Toronto, Ontario


"A dog wags its tail with its heart." (Martin Buxbaum)




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