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Readers' Pet Photos - April 2011

Welcome to the April issue of reader Pet Photos... something to bring a smile to your day!

"Truly love your site and am attaching a photo of my standard schnauzer whose name is Quin who was 3 years old at the end of March. He is my first dog (at age 63)and the absolute best companion ever!"
- Cheers, Margrit and Quin

"This is Jazzie- a puppy mill rescue. On day 2 of her new life( taken 1 yrs ago). She is one happy girl."
- Sharon Weiner

"Lucky was a kitten living on her own one cold winter. Now she is a pampered pet who loves to have her bed in the warmest spot in the house."
- Vera

"This is Figgy on a snowy day, his favorite weather. My first dog and my best dog... until I get another one."
- Francoise Vulpe


"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." (Martin Buber)




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