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Pet Friendly Canada Newsletter - July 2010


"The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." (Ambrose Bierce)

"There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast." (Anonymous)

Featured Story: ODE TO AN AGING DOG

Source: - Pet Stories

From the blog: 3 Woofs and The WooTWoo

It's hard to believe that in just a few short months, Tweed will be 10 years old. To the unfamiliar eye, he looks like a young adult dog, and nobody ever guesses he's more than 5 years old. Even I forget he's not 5 years old.

Watching him age has been both beautiful and painful. I did not get the chance to embrace Briggs' aging process ... he was an old soul from the time he was small, and his health problems aged him faster than he deserved, or I could believe. He was always an old dog, to me, and I lost him when he was not yet 11 years old. I always felt robbed of his twilight years, but also, somehow, robbed of his youth.

And Tweed is not Briggs. Briggs lived his while life asking me, "What now, Boss?" but from the time he was small, Tweed only ever asked me "Why?" Why should he sit there, stand on that, leave that alone, stop barking, be nice to the cat? "What's in for me?" he always wanted to know. He still does.

Tweed has always questioned everything - he's a born skeptic..." [Continue Reading]


"Life Guard Gunner in Bala, Muskoka."
- Proud mommie & daddie - Kara & Paul H. of Guelph, Ontario

"Time to rest - we all enjoy our vacation and endless walks after having driven 2,500 km from Toronto, Canada."
- Liisa, David & Dusty
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Good trail manners are important no matter where you hike with your dog. Dogs are allowed in the National Parks in Canada but are required to be on a leash. A well mannered dog can be a pleasure to have along on a hike. An out of control dog can be a nightmare. Having trail manners can make the difference.

  • Keeping a dog on a leash makes sense for several reasons. There are often other people on the trail, and believe it or not, not all people love dogs as much as we do. Dogs that run up to people and jump on them or otherwise scare them or their children, create an unpleasant picture of all dog owners. Your dog may, in fact be friendly, but the people she is barreling towards may not see it that way.

  • Wildlife abound on lots of trails and a sudden encounter with a running dog could spell disaster. Whether it is a ground squirrel, chipmunk or even the elusive bear, you can be sure the animal will not appreciate being charged at by a wayward canine. We need to remember it is their home and we are their guests.

  • Other dogs can also pose a problem. Your dog may enjoy the company of other dogs, but you may find lots of dogs that don't. Having a dog fight while you are out for a pleasant hike is something that can be avoided if the dogs are on leash.

  • Horse back riders also frequent some trails and some horses are very intolerant of dogs nipping at their heels. A horse may respond with a good swift kick which may have serious consequences for the dog.

  • Even the graduate of all the best dog training schools can lose their minds when they see a squirrel dart into the bush beside them. Bounding aimlessly through wilderness can lead to injury for the dog as well as destroy sensitive habitat in the parks.

  • Dog owners and non-dog owners don't like stepping in doggie doo on the trail! When your dog is on leash you will know where the little, or not so little deposits are! Please remember to pick up after your dog .

So, for the pleasure of everyone out for a peaceful hike, PLEASE leash your dog and practice good trail manners.

. . . . . . . . . .

Article provided courtesy of Dog Hiking Canada. Visit for tips on hiking with your dog.

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