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Pet Friendly Canada Newsletter - October 2009

"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace." (Milan Kundera)

"Never try to outstubborn a cat." (Lazarus Long)


- By Carol D.

Dog story "My two dogs, Noss and Chata, went through Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately we had to go to a shelter, and during the storm my fence came down and the dogs escaped. My neighbor across the street had decided to ride out the storm, so he retrieved my dogs and put them in his yard - only to have his own fence blown down. Once again, the dogs got out but he was able to get them back.

Two days after the storm, Noss got out again and was barking at another neighbor's dog through the fence. The neighbor decided he had enough of the barking and shot Noss. We went searching for a vet and came across a clinic where a vet was checking on the animals. He treated my dog and gave him medication and commented that Noss was a very lucky dog. He charged us just $5.00 for the pills.

When we returned home my neighbor helped me mend my fence. Still, ten days later, both dogs would find another hole and escape once again, only this time we were unable to find them. I entered my dogs into along with their photos, and then hoped for the best.

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"Male Nurse Maid Harley, my miniature pinscher to my black lab Shadow who tore her anterior cruciate ligament."
- Rhian

"This is a photo of Zak on a slide. He enjoys joining me in all of my zany activities!"
- Lori B. of Scottsdale, AZ

"Indian Fantail Pigeons Blackie & White."
- Maria

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Autumn, or fall in Canada is when trees put on a colourful display of yellows, oranges and reds. At high elevations, larches light up the mountain sides with their bright golden needles. The cooler autumn temperatures make this a very pleasant season for hiking, both for you and your dog.

Things to Remember

  • Bears are fattening up for their winter hibernation. Stay away from berry crops as bears will frequent these during summer and early fall. Be sure to obey all trail closures, they are there for a reason. Stay alert, make noise and keep your dog on leash when hiking. It is best to travel in groups of at least 4 hikers in bear country.

  • Other wildlife deserve respect and distance always and especially in the fall for big ungulates such as deer, elk and moose. It is mating season and they can get ornery if you get too close. Please keep your dog on leash and avoid any wildlife encounters.

  • Snow can come early in the mountains and higher elevations. Pack some warm clothes in your backpack just in case.

  • Beautiful fall colours abound, so bring the camera.

  • Hunting Season happens in the fall in most areas of Canada except provincial and national parks. This is a good time to hike the National Parks. The summer tourist crowds have thinned but there are still enough people for safe hiking. Be sure to check on the hunting season for the area you wish to hike in before venturing out and wear bright colours. An orange hat and vest for you and an orange vest for your dog.


Article courtesy of Dog Hiking Canada, a collection of hiking tips and articles for hiking with your dog in western Canada.

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