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Pet Friendly Newsletter - December 2008

Pet Quotes

"A dog wags its tail with its heart." (Martin Buxbaum)

"What greater gift than the love of a cat?" (Charles Dickens)


"Hi! My little sweet dog's name is Tommy. We live in South America, Brasil, Sao Paulo. I got him when 2 boys were going to kill him. He was very miserable, skinny, bones and skin. His weight was 450 grams. Now after 4 years with me, he is very nice, shiny fur, 2.2 pounds. He is old, the vet told me he might be 14 years, but he is very clever . Hope you like this picture. All my best."
- Vera

"This is a photo of my Allie Cat and his best friend Oliver."
- Olva T. from Victoria, BC, who works at the pet-friendly Executive House Hotel

"This is Candy our Wheaten Terrier trying to see who or what is going by the house that she needs to protect us from."
- Monica from Toronto, Ontario


"The first photo is a picture of my 3 year old Great Dane, Teddy. He was born deaf and travels all over with me. Thanks to your site, he has had some wonderful trips and met some lovely people."

Photo #2 is a picture of my Great Dane, Miss Annie. She was also born deaf almost 7 years ago, but that has not slowed her down one little bit.

Photo #3 is of our oldest and very first Great Dane, Miss Olyvia. She was born deaf and blind in her left eye and is now 10 years old. She has such a zest for life, chasing after all the younguns around here, keeping them all in line.

Photo #4 is Miss Gemma. She is a rescue and our very first hearing Great Dane. She is very amusing and is learning that life is good. She is a favourite at the dog park and is a wonderful addition to our family and proof that we just are no good at fostering dogs... we cannot let them go. :)"

- Lin G. from Oshawa, Ontario


The holidays are a time for friends, family, and loved ones - pets included! The noise and bustle of the holidays, however, can be confusing to pets. To help keep your pets safe and happy this holiday season:

Keep holiday decorations and plants out of harm's way.

   Poinsettias, mistletoe, and holly, for example, are poisonous to dogs and cats. Keep them out of reach or consider using imitations.

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- By Lisa Braxton

"Where'd the cookies go? They were here a minute ago!" my sister Sylvia shouted from the living room. It was Christmas Eve and she was crouched under the artificial tree, staring at an empty dish resting on the tree skirt. A few crumbs were visible, but otherwise, there was little trace of what had been there. Only a short while earlier, our mother had set a dish of crunchy oatmeal raisin cookies under the tree. She had made them for Santa Claus. But someone had gotten to the treats before Ol' Saint Nick had a chance to shimmy down the chimney...

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