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Pet Friendly Newsletter - March 2006


"Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail." (Henry Wheeler Shaw)

"Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement and love without penalties." (W. L. George)


"These pictures are of my Newfoundland puppies. Cole, the black one, is 16 months and Brooklyn, black and white, is 5 months. They are the best of friends." - Kim

"The little guy is my baby Sisko, a Beagle-Cocker Spaniel mix. He's playing with his cousin Bailey. You might wonder how such a little guy could hold his own at tug of war against a Great Dane mix. I like to think his self-esteem comes from good parental nurturing. Whatever the case, both are wonderful dogs and both were rescued from shelters. I encourage anyone looking to get a pet to go to their closest pet rescue shelter." - Jenny & Sisko

"How my Pomeranians celebrated the holidays (Trek, 1 and Woodstock, 5)." - Wendy R.

"Everyone, including our pets, love Christmas. This is Bailey and Cleo enjoying the lights of the season." - Pam D. of Stratford, Ontario

"Peggy is a sweet, loveable, beautiful girl who loves walks, eating, cuddling and, if given a chance, chasing squirrels. Peggy's main squeeze is a poodle, JC, who lives 2 doors away. JC appeared in your January newsletter. Everyone here enjoys your website - it's full of useful information." - Marsi and Doug of Bobcaygeon, Ontario

"This is Mephistos Athena, a German Shepherd, when she was a baby and trying out her new ears. Up to this time they would always curl over. She was so proud that they could stand up. We were convinced that her next of kin was ET and she was calling the mother ship. She is now 11 months old and still trying to grow into those ears." - Val F. of Toronto, Ontario


Traveling with Your Pet


  • Travel with pets who don't enjoy the experience, who are not fully housetrained, or who have behaviour or health issues that are not conducive to travel.

  • Allow pets to run towards or jump up on other guests.

  • Allow dogs to bark or otherwise disturb other guests.

  • Permit pets to lie on furniture or beds unless you
       - have the host or manager's permission
       - bring your own covers for the furniture.

  • Leave your pet unattended in an unfamiliar environment unless
       - you have permission to do so
       - you notify the front desk and leave a cell phone or other number where you can be contacted
       - your pet is crated or has proven reliable when alone in an unfamiliar environment.

  • Allow pets to roam freely unless
       - you have permission to do so
       - you are in an area that permits dogs to run off-leash
       - your dog is well-socialized
       - your dog is under control and will come on recall.

  • Sneak in your pet!


  • Mention your pet to the reservations desk at the time of booking. This will allow them to prepare for your stay, such as getting you a room with easy access to the outdoors and preparing any "pet amenities" they may offer.

  • Ask for details about their pet policy, including rules, pet restrictions, and extra fees.

  • Respect the rules (if you don't like them, find another place whose pet policies are more in line with your own pet 'philosophy').

  • Slowly get your pet accustomed to travel if he isn't already.

  • Bring your pet's personal "stuff" like food and water bowls, favourite toy, bedding, food, treats, etc. A pet travel checklist is available here.

  • Clean up after your pet, both indoors and outdoors. People who don't pick up after their dogs is one of the major complaints from accommodation owners & managers.

  • Take responsibility for any damages done by your pet.

  • Be a good ambassador for all pets who travel with their families!

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